Best Budget Graphic Tablets

5 Best Budget Drawing Tablets

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When you are looking for a budget tablet, make sure you don’t cut corners. A good tablet with drawing and graphic specifications is everything you need to take your drawings and design ideas to the next level. From artists to designers, they all use tablets to create the most effective workflows possible.

Best Drawing Tablets for Beginners

For beginners, drawing tablets are wonderful tools, especially for art students, professionals, and even hobbyists. Still, it can be really difficult to figure out which one will work best to suit your needs and budget. While some are expensive, there are also affordable options that are great for beginners as well. Here’s a list of the best Drawing tablets for every budget.

Best Tablets for Drawing Design

If you’re in the market for a budget tablet, we have a great selection. Whether you’re looking to create art, design, or just simply use your tablet at home, these tablets come highly recommended and are all priced under $200.

Wacom Intuos Pro

I’m a self-employed artist, and I’m constantly working on new pieces. Working on the computer at my desk just isn’t practical for me. I prefer to be free and mobile while I work. That’s why I decided to buy the Wacom Intuos Pro. I could not be happier! The pen and tablet are very comfortable to hold, the screen is bright and sharp, and the ExpressKeys work as advertised. The tablet is large and easy to draw on.

Product Size16.8 L × 11.2 W × 0.3 H in
OS CompatibilityPC: Windows 7 or later Mac: OS X 10.10
IncludesWacom Intuos Pro, Large Wacom Pro Pen 2 Pen stand 6.6 ft USB cable

XPPen Deco Fun L Drawing Tablet

I bought this tablet because it looked like the ideal device to draw with. It’s really light and easy to use and has a stylus that’s also very easy to draw with. I found the combination of the stylus and the tablet to be fantastic because it’s very easy to draw with, and the stylus is very accurate and natural to use.

Work Area (Inch)10×3.27 Inch
Pressure Sensitivity8192 Levels
Battery-free PenPN01

HUION H610 Pro V2

I recently purchased the HUION H610 Pro V2 – a tablet with a stylus and pen. It is the best stylus I have used to date. The tablet is a great size and weight, and the pen has great firmness. I enjoy using the stylus and pen for drawing and writing. I have used the HUION H610 Pro V2 for drawing and writing on my computer. and it worked very well.

Item Weight1.35 Pounds
Operating SystemAndroid 6.0 and above/Mac OS 10.12 and above/Windows 7 and above
Product Dimensions13.89 x 9.64 x 0.55 inches

One By Wacom Medium

I have been using the One By Wacom tablet for over a year now, and I love it. It is a perfect size, easy to use, and great for drawing, sketching, and doodling. It is also very portable and can be used anywhere you want. The pen is very responsive and accurate, and the line thickness can be precisely adjusted. The screen is also very crisp and clear.
I would recommend this tablet to anyone that needs a sleek drawing tablet.

OS CompatibilityPC: Windows 7 or later Mac: OS X 10.10
Product Size16.8 L × 11.2 W × 0.3 H in
IncludesWacom Intuos Pro, Large Wacom Pro Pen 2 Pen stand 6.6 ft USB cable

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7

I have owned a number of Samsung tablets and have always been happy with the performance and functionality they provide. This tablet was purchased to replace my aging iPad Air 2, which I no longer use. It is a great tablet, and I am very happy with my purchase. It is very light and easy to hold for long periods of time. The screen is sharp and clear, and the processing power is great for running all the apps and games.

Memory Storage Capacity128 GB
Display Resolution Maximum2560 x 1600 Pixels
Rear Webcam Resolution‎13 MP

Things to Consider When Buying Drawing Tablets

Tablet Size

The size of the active area is the measurement from left to right. This can be seen in our Drawing tablets. The overall device is the total size of the tablet, including any features and accessories such as batteries, cases, and cables.

Drawing Tablets Resolution

Resolution refers to how many lines on the screen can be recognized by the stylus. The higher the resolution, the better. The higher the number, the clearer text and images will be.


The faster you can draw, the better. Most tablets are fast and responsive, with no delays between the time you draw something and when it appears on the screen.


What are the benefits of a Drawing Tablet?

A Drawing tablet is a device that allows for a more natural drawing and painting on the computer by providing pressure, tilt, and orientation sensitivity. This gives you finer control than you would have with a mouse or a trackpad. Drawing tablets are perfect for creative professionals looking to improve their art skills!

How does a Drawing tablet work?

A Drawing tablet is a device that is used to create digital artwork and manipulate images on a computer. It works through a process in which it reads the screen coordinates which correspond with the location of the pen on the tablet.

What is a drawing tablet, and why do artists use them?

A drawing tablet is a modern-day tool that is used by artists for a variety of reasons. Primarily, the most popular reason is to replace paper because it provides the same canvas space as an artist would on paper. But when combined with software applications, drawing tablets offer much more than just a blank surface. The drawing tablet can provide pressure sensitivity that mimics real-world pens and brushes and also offers tilt support and multi-touch gestures. A drawing tablet is a tool that is quite complex, and there are many options to choose from when looking for one. There are different hardware components, software compatibility, and all the features that a drawing tablet can offer. The most important feature to keep in mind is the size of the surface area that you need for your artwork because this aspect will determine which type of drawing tablet you should go with.

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