Prebuilt Gaming PC For Streaming

Ultimate Buying Guide: Top 5 Best Prebuilt Gaming PC For Streaming

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The Prebuilt Streaming PCs are designed to run the most popular games beautifully while smoothly operating a stream. Ideal for gaming and broadcasting, this list of recommended prebuilt gaming pc for streaming comes with power and ease to use while Gaming & streaming at the same time. And is also an affordable alternative to high-end gaming PCs. With its help, you can stream with ease!

We only recommend custom-streaming computers to ensure you run the game at the highest frame rate possible. The PC Series is configured with a powerful processor, large storage capacity, and at least 8GB of RAM to ensure your stream runs smoothly on Twitch and YouTube without compromising the look or fluidity of gameplay.

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List Of Best Prebuilt Gaming PC for Streaming

‎Corsair ‎VENGEANCE i7300

I purchased this as a gift for my girlfriend, who is a gamer. She is a huge fan of the “Call of Duty” and “CS: GO” series. She is not interested in “Minecraft” games but loves the “Overwatch” series. When I found this gaming computer, I thought it would be perfect for her.
The specs on this thing are insane. The Intel® Core™ i7 12700K CPU and NVIDIA

Processor‎3.6 GHz core_i7_12700k
Hard Drive‎1 GB SSD
Chipset Brand‎Intel
Card Description‎Dedicated
Graphics Card Ram Size‎8 GB

‎Alienware Aurora R14

Alienware Aurora R14 Liquid Cooled Gaming Desktop – AMD Ryzen 9 5900, 32GB 3466MHz RAM, 1TB SDD + 2TB HDD, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 10GB GDDR6X Graphics, VR Ready, USB-C, Windows 11 Home – Black
Keywords to include: Alienware Aurora R14, Liquid Cooled Gaming Desktop – AMD Ryzen 9 5900, 32GB 3466MHz RAM, 1TB SDD + 2TB HDD,

Processor‎4.7 GHz ryzen_9
Memory Speed‎3466 MHz
Hard Drive‎2 TB 1TB SSD + 2TB HDD
Graphics Coprocessor‎Nvidia Ge Force Rtx 3080
Chipset Brand‎NVIDIA
Card Description‎RTX 3080
Graphics Card Ram Size‎10 GB


I am very pleased with the performance of the CORSAIR ONE i200 – it is a very powerful gaming PC.
I have two different power cords, one for the motherboard (Corsair P30) and one for the GPU (EVGA GeForce RTX 3080 Strix FTW3). With both of those power cords, I have had to use the 6-pin power cable that comes with the i200 to power the GPU.

Processor‎3.5 GHz intel_core_i9_11900K
Memory Speed‎3200 MHz
Hard Drive‎1 TB SSD
Graphics Coprocessor‎GeForce RX 3080
Chipset Brand‎NVIDIA
Card Description‎Dedicated
Graphics Card Ram Size‎10 GB
Wireless Type‎802.11ax
Number of USB 3.0 Ports‎9

‎CyberpowerPC ‎Gamer Xtreme VR

I bought this PC because I play a lot of games on Steam. I wanted something that would give me the best gaming experience possible. This PC has all the right specs and software to do just that. The Intel i7-12700KF is a great processor, and I was able to run most of my games at high settings. The RTX 3060 is a great graphics card and can handle the small amount of VR that I play.

Processor‎3.6 GHz core_i7
Hard Drive‎2 TB HDD
Chipset Brand‎NVIDIA
Card Description‎Dedicated
Graphics Card Ram Size‎12 GB


This is a high-end gaming PC. It comes with a powerful NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 gaming GPU and a dedicated NVIDIA RTX card. It has 16GB of DDR5 RAM and a 1TB SSD for storage. It comes with a top-of-the-line Intel i7 processor and a 1TB HDD.
It comes with Win 11 Home and a Windows license. Most importantly, it is ready to go right out of the box.

Processor‎3.6 GHz core_i7
Hard Drive‎1 TB HDD
Chipset Brand‎NVIDIA
Card Description‎Dedicated
Graphics Card Ram Size‎12 GB

Build & Setup: How To Setup A Streaming PC

If you are looking to purchase a Prebuilt Gaming PC For Streaming, there are several things to consider before committing. For one thing, the cheapest prebuilt PCs aren’t always the best deal. However, the key is to build your own PC and save money upfront.

This guide teaches you the basics of setting up a streaming PC and streaming. Here you’ll learn what hardware is necessary, whether or not to use streaming software, and which accessories need to be purchased in order for you to have an effective setup.

You’ll need a computer with the right amount of power and memory. Look for a desktop or laptop that features an Intel Core i3, or better, Quad-core processor, or AMD FX series CPU – but make sure to get one that’s capable of running the latest games and other applications at decent frame rates. You’ll also benefit from 8GB of RAM and more than 1TB of hard drive space.

Hardware Accessories:

  • Mics.
  • Headset.
  • Web Cam.
  • Capture Cards.


  • OBS for Game Streaming.

What is OBS?

OBS is a free and open-source software package that allows you to create professional-looking broadcast-quality streams from your computer. Opens in a new window and works on all operating systems, including Android and Raspberry Pi, as well as Windows 10 and Linux.

“ OBS is the go-to choice for live streaming and recording. It’s fast, powerful, and will let you do the things you love. ”

Open Broadcasting Software is a free, open-source software that allows you to record and share your gameplay. Simply check out this library of tutorials to get started!

Get The Best Prebuilt PC For Gaming And Streaming

Haven’t found out what is the best pc for gaming and streaming? If you’re looking for a top-tier prebuilt gaming pc streaming, with options ranging from powerful processors and graphics cards to cutting-edge storage, this prebuilt gaming, and streaming PC is here to help. Built with cutting-edge components, like the Nvidia RTX 2080Ti graphics card, these prebuilt gaming streaming pc can deliver incredible performance for multiple content apps, like recording 4K gameplay or streaming live gameplay on Twitch and YouTube. The whole system is fully loaded with high-end features and quality components to ensure flawless performance.

What To Look For In Prebuilt Gaming and Streaming PC

Prebuilt streaming PCs are great for those who want to stream content at home but do not bother with the hassle of installing and setting up a system. You get a ready-to-go desktop in exchange for a little bit of upfront cost.

You can buy prebuilt gaming and streaming PC for about $1000, or for even less if you shop around. You may also be able to amortize your purchase over time, as features and capabilities increase over time, such as RAM and storage space. Check the processor and GPU to see how they compare with one another, along with their power consumption levels. The video card should be an especially important consideration because this is what drives gameplay on your computer screen.

If you’re in the market for a new gaming rig, you’ve got a lot to consider. If you don’t know what you want, we can help. Before you spend a ton of money on components, though, let’s take a look at what metrics you should prioritize over price and other important details.

  • CPU.
  • GPU.
  • Price.
  • RAM.
  • Storage.
  • Ports and Connectivity.

Popular FAQs:

Are Prebuilt Streaming PCs Worth the Price?

How much are prebuilt streaming PCs worth? The cost of a prebuilt streaming PC varies depending on which one you choose and how much storage space you need. The more powerful the processor, the higher the price tag for a prebuilt streaming PC.

Is it Cheaper to Build or Buy a Streaming PC?

As streaming is becoming more popular than ever before, it’s time to set up your own streaming PC. But considering all the different factors that go into building a quality PC, it can be hard to know which route is cheaper, let alone best for you.

A good gaming PC is a complicated beast, and it can be really hard to choose the right parts. For most users, building a computer from scratch will come down to price, resale value, and familiarity with building computers.

For most people, building a gaming PC from scratch is the best way to go. But if you’re not an expert at working with electronics and aren’t comfortable handling circuit boards and soldering, you might want to consider buying a prebuilt system from a reputable manufacturer before starting to stream.

The good news is there are a lot of options for streaming PCs. You can build your own gaming computer or buy one pre-made. It’s also a good idea to get a brand or model that has been proven reliable and has a good track record. The key question you have to ask yourself is this: Do you want the best streaming performance or the most affordable option?

How Much Ram is For Streaming PC?

This is a really good question, and it’s also one that we’re often asked. So here are the basics: The computing power required to stream content requires a lot of RAM, but the more RAM you have, the faster and more fluid your experience will be. With that said, there are plenty of options for you with this amount of memory.

Some laptops have built-in options for 64GB of RAM, which will give you the most room for multitasking, but if that’s not an option, then at least triple-check what specs are included in your laptop first before rushing out and purchasing something new. There are also alternatives like external hard drives or other devices with as much storage space, but they tend to cost more money than buying something ready-made (creating your own custom drive).

So, it mostly depends on your PC and how you stream. If you want to play from the internet, we recommend at least 8GB of RAM (total) for the system. If you use an external hard drive running off of your home network, 4GB will be enough for most systems.


There are various reasons for your choice of a gaming computer. One of the most important is that it should run smoothly on high-performance games. You don’t want to experience multiple glitches while playing any kind of game. Gaming is what this world needs. The prebuilt PCs are great for gaming and streaming, offering better stability and performance.

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